Armour Bearer

Being an Armor Bearer is not an inherited position and should not be looked upon as a prestigious position.  Armor Bearers are specially selected men and women who are directly responsible for the care of the Pastor and First Lady.  They should possess the ability to adjust to different situations and personalities as they are often assigned to serve visiting pastors and their wives as well as distinguished guests of Lighthouse.  

The role of an Armor Bearer is to serve and assist, also providing quality care for their leaders. This allows him or her to concentrate on the preparation and delivery of God's Word.An Armor Bearer is one who carried the leader's shield into batle and laid down his life, if necessary, fo whome he served. We serve our spiritual leaders, and carry th Shield of Faith (Ephesians 6:16), defending the Gospel of Peace and the vision God has birthed into their spirit for Lighthouse Chuch of God In Christ.