Clara Clerkley

Missionary Clara Clerkley is the very loving and much beloved First Lady of the Lighthouse COGIC. This extraordinary woman has yielded a ministry that complements that of her husband's. Lady Clerkley teaches women the principles of living wise, prudent lives that are pleasing to God. She encourages women to incorporate Godly principles into marriage, motherhood, and friendships while holding up the standard of holiness.
Lady Clerkley's life epitomizes the Proverbs 31 woman. She is both esthetically and spiritually beautiful. Hers is a life of purpose; rooted, grounded, and disciplined to do the will of God. An anointed chosen vessel, Lady Clerkley exhibits wisdom well beyond her years. Always with a joyful, comforting, and sincere smile to share, she nurtures the women of Lighthouse with meekness, gentleness, and humility. Even her correction is given in love. She has proven herself time and time again to be a trustworthly guide, a caring confidant, and a role model for integrity. Lady Clerkley exemplifies the Lord with her every behavior, word, and deed.
A competent teacher, she proficiently divides the Word of God revealing the importance of communion in prayer and of building a relationship with the Lord. Lady Clerkley encourages consistency in prayer and the study of the Holy Word, assuring that faithfulness will birth fruitfulness.
Endowed with phenomenal vision and a heart for women's ministries, this prayer warrior leads by doing things God's way. Her multi-faceted vision for the Lighthouse Department of Women has birthed a myriad of ministries, some of which include:
  • The "GLOW" Newsletter
  • Precious Jewels to Jesus Gems
  • Spiritual Warfare Conference
  • Victory and Dominion Conference
  • Lighthouse Women's Retreat
  • Annual Women's Day
  • Lighthouse Greeters
  • In-Reach Ministry
  • Women to Women Ministry
  • Mothers and Daughters Council  
  • Sisters of the Heart


A virtuous woman that rests on the promises of God's word, she seeks the Lord's direction in all things and makes herself available to the will of the Holy Spirit. As God continues to pour into her, Lady Clerkley continues to pour out to the women of Lighthouse.