In 1954, Edward Calloway founded the Mount Olive Church of God in Christ in Dallas, Texas. The church began with eight members including the Pastor and Wife. There was a quick reduction in membership when "holiness or hell" messages were preached. He continued to preach as commissioned by God with only two members. Eventually, the membership grew and another edifice was needed to contain the members. The second edifice was in the Alta Mesa area of Dallas. The high standard of God was preached and various miracles were received by those who furnished faith. Founder Calloway soon changed the name of the church to Lighthouse Church of God in Christ.

While celebrating a new name, new members and the power of the Word of God, Lighthouse relocated to 2127 S. Corinth in 1972. The Lighthouse Church of God in Christ ministry became synonymous for its love for fellowship, help of others and a strong faith in God. Founder Calloway, under the direction of the Holy Ghost, did exploits for God, impressing men and women to give their best to God and help each other. Since 1972, the ministry opened an outreach in South Dallas called the "Pine Street Ministry," an academic school, a clothing store and a scholarship program. Pastor Edward "Daddy" Calloway patiently and wisely mentored men as they became pastors themselves. The giving nature of Founder Calloway encouraged gospel artists, evangelists, pastors and lay members to be strong in the Lord. In May of 2000 when Founder Edward Calloway left this life, his wife, 4 children and body of Christ were without a spiritual leader.

God, in his infinite wisdom and love, supplied our need. The Lighthouse Family was blessed with a God-fearing, experienced pastor who took time to assist the members during this major transition of life. Pastor Michael O. Clerkley, Sr. was God-selected and naturally assigned to assume shepherding responsibilities to this historical church. Since his acceptance in July of 2000, Lighthouse Church of God in Christ has undergone many changes.

A number of prayer services, revivals and deliverance services have proven to be beneficial in the grief/healing process. A restored trust in God and a dedication to live a life Jesus Christ would be pleased with became the focus point. Ordinances of the church have been observed - Holy Communion, Foot Washing and Water Baptism. The love and devotion to family is strongly encouraged. Faithfulness between husband and wife and discipleship for offspring is expected. Services and classes for children and adults are available to become better at the first institution God established. Official ceremonies celebrating the beauty of life - engagements, weddings,  birth of children, academic and sports accomplishments are received as gifts from God and used to edify the Church. Additionally, Pastor and First Lady Clerkley have authorized the development of several programs: a reading curriculum, children's outreach, new membership dinner, pre-teen/adolescent young lady Christian charm school, prayer room refurbishing project and fellowship hall remodeling to name a few.

Pastor Clerkley encourages, informs and challenges each member to follow Jesus Christ. Obeying God at any cost, trusting Him above the circumstance and allowing Him to change you to be what He desires for you to be is his goal.

Today, the Lighthouse Church of God in Christ is known for its dynamic, powerful, Holy Ghost filled leadership that is bold yet gentle, truthful and honest and bible-based. The church is on the move and we still have much more to see, do and experience in the Lord!